Tie Downs

This Powerful Invention clamps anywhere under a truck bed's side side rail with NO DRILLING. Not limited by stake pocket holes this unique design is a strong tie-down, a handy hook & versatile cargo divider. Solid Stainless Steel construction & Lined with protective neoprene rubber. It's a handy all-around tool for pick-up trucks, especially trucks with no stake pocket holes. Perfect for Rail Caps, Campers & Tonneau covers.

Penda Hide-A-Hook® tie-downs™

The patented "now you see it, now you don't" design, in a tough black or stainless steel finish, will protect your cargo with style. Penda's Hide-a-Hook tie-downs can handle 400 lbs. of tensile strength making them the best looking, toughest tie-downs in the industry. Available in black and stainless steel.

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